Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens VFX breakdown

Check out this awesome VFX breakdown for some of the scenes in Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens.

How about that breakdown at 3:03! Is it just me or is that overkill? :joy: I mean, you build a whole highly detailed cannon and just stuff it in a wall where you can hardly see it. Anyway you look at it, it’s still unbelievable just how much work those VFX artists put into these shots!

The sound design on this is just beautiful as well!

I love Star Wars breakdowns so much. And the 3:03 one kept going and going and going. Hahaha!

I wondered why people would make such complex things that aren’t even seen in some final shots, but after I realized it’s because the director/supervisor could ask for different shots or angles to be rendered, it made much more sense to me. :slight_smile:


That’s my guess as well.

Those breakdowns are next level! One of my favorite VFX-related videos for Star Wars still has to be this one of the underwater explosions for Solo. ILM: Behind the Magic of the Train Heist in Solo: A Star Wars Story - YouTube

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That’s so cool! Sometimes Star Wars just looks so realistic it’s hard to believe that it was created inside a 3D software!

It’s incredible! Especially 3:03!

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I love me some awesome breakdown videos. Love the 3D model wireframes… wireframes are amazing to me.

I build all of my own High detail/poly 3D assets with up to 16K textures. I’ve done up to 32K textures a few times and that is the thing right there… most people don’t go that far when it comes to detail because most people that can’t build 3D assets on their own have most likely been using low quality/poly video game models and assume that it is good enough but they’ve never worked for an Art Director or whatever, who will change their mind about the framing of a shot so you’re way better off having 3D assets that will stand up to professional scrutiny at any viewing angle and distance from the camera. Here are a few screengrabs for a Destroyer that I was working on a while back. The textures are quick and dirty placeholders that I call lazy textures, they’re just for viewing during the building process so the pseudo normal maps are cranked up a little. This thing is gonna have interior levels and such in case I want to explode it in some kind of demolition simulation.

This is basically the same advice as in another thread on this forum… the more detail an Asset has… the more freedom that the artist will have.

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So much detail on that star destroyer!

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