Suggestion regarding Credits

Hello again. I have a suggestion regarding credits. I would really like to be able to see the amount of credits an item or collection costs, without owning the subscription. this will help with the uncertainty I have when thinking of buying the subscription and not knowing how many credits collections cost. Yes you could do the math but this is just easier as you know exactly how much it is and can formulate a plan on what to buy then choose the subscription that has the right amount of credits and buy the collections/singular files without any hesitation or uncertainty. Kind Regards Sam.


1 credit = 1 element, so that means with the starter plan you get 5 elements per month.

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Most assets just cost 1 credit but some assets cost more than 1 credit, for example

Those 42 pistol flashes come bundled together and they cost around 3 credits, not 1 credit.

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