Superbowl Trailers Thread

So today is Superbowl Sunday, which means we’re about to get some great trailers for upcoming movies and shows! Let’s use this thread to post them as they come out.

I believe the first one that’s been released so far is the trailer for “Nope”. I gotta say, the trailer does a great job at grabbing you without spoiling anything about the movie:


Well, now I’m even more amped for Doctor Strange 2.


I’ve gotta say, the E-Trade one bringing the babies back was a great one for me. :joy:

From a VFX perspective, it seemed pretty uncanny. But maybe they were trying to use some of the older methods so it would look like a closet match to the originals?

I’d imagine all of the newer deepfake tech would help make it a lot more realistic. But I don’t know! :slightly_smiling_face::baby:

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Here’s a cool behind the scenes look at the LeBron James Crypto commercial. I thought the CG looked great!

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The Lord of the Rings! Please be good!


I love when VFX are used along with the psychology of a story, so I’m excited to see how they bend reality with Moon Knight.

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I am very worried about this, it truly looks like a war fantasy with a lotr paint job.