Surface Condensation Collection

Hey, I really like the new condensation set!

I had a thought if you ever do a follow up on it, as you have other themes. It would be cool to have some shots with hand prints (and/or other imprints?) that are the same shot, with and without? So users could do a shot where they panned past the window, then panning back, the hand print would now be there, but otherwise unchanged? I’m sure it could be comp’d with the included assets, but it seemed like a sweet shot, if you ever set up the props again :smiley:

Yes, imprints would be pretty cool, but I don’t think they would be that hard to shoot. With lower budget cameras that may be an issue? :man_shrugging:

Oh, sure, it could be done. :smiley: But I liked what they did with them. I was thinking, for example, Handprint in Condensation 1. It would be cool to have a shot of the same condensation pattern, before and with the print. It would just fix in the viewers mind that it wasn’t there a secoand ago, without begging the question of is it the same pattern/timeframe/window.

Ya, it would be a little weird…
It would be cool if they did it! :smiley:

@zaubermac I think this might be possible using one of the elements without a handprint as the base layer and then using the handprint clip with a darken or multiply blending mode. That would make the handprint area transparent while still keeping the condensation from the original layer.