Teaching VFX to High School students

I teach AV Production at the high school level (9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grades). We spend the second semester (January - May) learning animation & visual effects using Adobe Products.

Russell Sadberry M.Ed., LAT, ATC
CTE-AV Production
Katy High School


Hi Russell!

It’s always interesting to hear from teachers in this field. Have you noticed any trends in what your students are gravitating towards? Such as any specific type of animation or visual effects that really inspires them?

They love the Harry Potter “magic” and the Star Wars light sabers. The more advanced students like the “head up display” graphics and background replacement / masking visual effects.

We had a section on VFX and Animation in my high school media classes, and it was by far my favorite portion of high school. Love to hear you’re getting the younger generation into VFX!

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