The UI of "Absolom"

I created some UI for my personal science fiction project: “Absolom.” They will replace the monitor displays from the original footage of the spaceship cockpit set shot by Valentina Vee (and used with permission).

EX-08 Spacecraft Transport and Scout by ShaunTWilliams (downloaded from SketchFab)

The planet’s city lights were part of “Coruscant - Star Wars Planet Texture,” downloaded from CGTrader and created by ShinyMan.

Adobe After Effects
Maxon Cinema 4D


Great UI work!


Thank you!

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These are awesome! I love all of the attention to details! Thanks for sharing with us!


This is very convincing! I love the details in the monitors screen.

How did you achieve that look? Any specific referencing or overlays used or was it a custom build?


Custom build. Two Adjustment Layers above all the design elements. The top one had a Fast Box Blur with a radius of 0.5 and set to Add blend mode. The Adjustment Layer below had Glow, Venetian Blinds, Grid, and Exposure.

Here’s my effects stack for the lower Adjustment Layer:


That’s awesome, thank you for sharing the build!


Great stuff - loving it! :+1: :+1: :+1:
Especially (but not only!) the “approach tunnel” effect (in a curve up-scaling rectangular shapes).

Nice attention to details in all!

I once had to do one of these - didn’t have much time so I took this:

Easy to build stuff fast with this and also looks nice - but of course it’s a canned meat approach and not as unique as yours!

Thank you so much!

And thanks for the UI took kit link. Never know when something like that could be handy.

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Have my speakers off but totally imaged the sounds from the Alien series lining up with this.
Camera ready work. Nice.


Thank you. I was certainly inspired by the UI’s of sci-fi properties such as Alien, Star Wars, and Star Trek.


That’s very cool!

Awesome UI work! I love the 2D brackets that form a 3D tunnel shape at 0:25. Very innovative!

Thanks! I used six shape layers set to 3D with their position and stroke width timed to loop seamlessly. (Using the loopOut() expression.)

This looks super sick! Great work.

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Once again, you did a incredible job. Wow! Great job!

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