Unpopular Movie Opinions

I always enjoy hearing people’s unpopular opinions about movies because it gets boring when everyone believes the same thing. So go ahead and throw some unpopular opinions in this thread and duck and cover when the mob comes after you!

I’ll start:

  • Iron Man (2008) is only OK. Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man movie.
  • Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) is the second best Terminator movie ever made, behind only T2.

Your turn!


Well, this seems kinda crazy, but Star Wars 9! What a “meh” movie!


I think Rodolphe was asking for unpopular opinions. :laughing:
I don’t think Star Wars 9 being ‘meh’ is unpopular, more like canon. It’s hard to see that so many people, who clearly love Star Wars manage to make a film that’s not bad, but boring to the point of indifference.
It’s not even bad enough to get mad about.


Here’s my “unpopular” movie opinion…

I couldn’t stand this movie! I got maybe two-thirds through it and turned it off. I never watched any more of the Tobey McGwire Spiderman films afterward. The funny thing is, I’m a huge Sam Raimi fan!
This picture was the number one film in the box office, by far, in 2002. It crushed a Star Wars film, a Harry Potter film, and a Lord of the Rings film. I thought it sucked, but clearly I was the only one! :grinning:


Good point! Sorry about that! Should have read it more carefully!:weary:

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Those are fighting words!

  • I don’t like the name “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, I wish it was “Star Wars: The Rise of Palpatine”. Rey may call herself a Skywalker but it was just in a corny last line of the movie. I feel the name should be a broad statement of the entire movie. For the trailers, before the movies release, it was revealed the emperor is returning so it would convince the audience the names about emperor palpatine’s return. It would later reveal while watching to the audience of Rey’s true bloodline and the true meaning of the title. Rise of Skywalker just seems so off and only there to throw people off.

  • I can’t stand Jared Leto’s Joker with all the tattoo’s and metal teeth. He is way too gangster and not enough “Joker”. I just wish they created him with the same skinny, chaotic psychopath you see in the comics. I’m still waiting for that character to emerge on film. ( The Joker from the tv show Gotham is perfect for a comic book classic joker!, of course Heath Ledger’s depiction is the best for the dark knight version )

@Rodolphe Thanks for mentioning Terminator: Dark Fate! I worked on the film :slight_smile:

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I liked it but Spider Man 3 was so disappointing with Venom and the black suit Spidey being so cringey. Venom’s concept in the comics was so awesome for my childhood but then his image was instantly destroyed from that terrible movie appearance. Finally there’s some cool Venom movies making headway.


Unpopular opinions?

“Solo” is the best “Star Wars” movie since 1983.

(Certainly the only one where I didn’t walk out annoyed.)


That’s awesome! What was your role? Which scenes did you work on?

I can understand that sentiment! That movie did a few things right.


More importantly, while it had a few groaner moments (He’s traveling alone! “Solo!”), it also didn’t do anything majorly wrong. No boring political sequences, not extended scenes of sitting on a couch, so questionable “stereotypes” (even in 1997 the Trade Federation guys were in poor taste), no continuity-destroying retcons (I’m looking at “Rogue One,” here, which truly messed up so much story). It was just fun!


Chris Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy got Batman completely wrong… If anyone wants the reasoning, I’ll share it, but, be warned, it’s a long argument.


Jay, I’m genuinely surprised by this. Never liked Green Goblin’s costume, but this was a strong film.

Now, Toby is a little “whiny/stalker” in this one, so I can see how his performance was off putting to some, but I’d be interested to know why it didn’t work for you.

I’d recommend you look at his “Spider-Man 2.” That’s an excellent film and has one of the most exciting and moving sequences ever put into a Superhero film. (It’s the subway train rescue, for those who have seen it and are now nodding…)

Avoid “Spider-Man 3.” That film is what happens when studio interference results in a writer/director who loses interest in his own film and only does it to not get sued for walking off his contract.

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In the future I’d recommend bundling your replies into one post @triem23, instead of having 3 replies back to back. Much cleaner that way.


Really? Without the symbiote bonding with, then being rejected by Spidey and without Eddie Brock’s personal hatred towards Peter Parker? Once you remove everything from the Venom backstory that defines Venom you have random space goo that kinda steals Spidey’s look and powers for absolutely no reason.

That ain’t Venom.


Fair enough. I shall do so in the future, since this response here makes ahem five. :+1:

I’ve just discovered the “quote” button.

Ah, yes, I can pull a quote from another post while typing. Awesome! Thanks, Rody!

Gregory, I’m with Rody - what sequences did you work on?

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Your absolutely right. The story is way, way off because of copyright issues. I mainly meant the “look” for Venom is right. The story should definitely have Venom bonding with Spidey first. It makes way more sense and also helps with Venoms obsession with Spidey being a better host. Eddie Brock is a completely different character also which is confusing. But come on this Venom look is soooo terrible. Why did they choose Topher Grace??? I can’t stand it.


I think I know your reasoning on Nolan’s Batman trilogy and I understand. Certain things bothered me also with Bruce Wayne / Batman. But I will have to say I loooooved the villains.

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I don’t want to get too detailed on the sequences I worked on because of NDA reasoning haha. I can be pretty broad with what’s been released publicly and IMDB. I was a VFX Compositor for some trailer shots and the film. I have my name in Cinefex which I can share. ( I’m not an employee of Rebellion though, they were just kind enough to include my name since I helped out. )


Spidey 3 is an example of studio execs pushing to where the director/writer and main stars just didn’t care anymore but had a contract. Raimi has discussed his initial plan was Lizard (hence Curt Connors being name checked in the first one and portrayed by Dylan Walsh in the second) and Harry as Green Goblin 2. Sony pushed for Venom (and Topher Grace), Sandman and Gwen Stacey. Raimi has even discussed how MJ’s musical number and Evil Pete’s dance scene grew from discussions with Maguire and Dunst because, “If I have to make a movie I don’t want to make, I’ll at least make it fun for us on set.”

I enjoyed Ra’s and Scarecrow. Joker and Two-Face were somewhat interesting. Bane… I walked out of the theater sore because my wife and friend started punching my arms. Every time Tom Hardy croaked something in that “Sean Connery as Darth Vader doing an impression of Wallace Shawn in ‘The Princess Bride’” voice I started laughing uncontrollably. There are reaction shots of Bane’s henchmen in their first fight where the henchies look as bored as I was. Heh.

And that’s a thing to be thrilled by! Long live CineFX (RIP CineFX)!