USS Enterprise Leaving Orbit: a TOS Shot Re-creation (with Breakdown)

I was inspired by Stu Maschwitz’s experiments with this beautiful starship to re-create a classic NCC-1701 shot from the original series. (No bloody A, B, C, D, E, or Nu Trek Enterprises.)

The Enterprise was animated and rendered in Maxon Cinema 4D with Redshift and comped in Adobe After Effects. The planet and moon were built with VideoCopilot’s VCOrb plugin.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 model by MekaRamen and purchased from SketchFab.

Planet texture by VideoCopilot.
Moon texture by James Hastings-Trew.


Looking good! This made me think of our recent Space VFX we just released. I bet some of these new elements could assist in making more starship shots just like this!

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Thank you! The Space VFX collection looks impressive. Question: Does the collection have maps that can be projected onto a sphere, or are they all 2D circular elements.

They are all just 2D elements at this time.

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Very cool! :+1:

Thank you!

Looks awesome!