VFX. MoGFX. Editor. Sci-fi/Fantasy Nerd. Arkansas Native. I like to take pictures, write & cook

Greetings. My name is Keith.

Professionally, I’ve been working as a visual effects artist, motion graphics artist, colorist, editor, and web designer since 2003. I’ve been involved in numerous award-winning, high-concept media and films for a variety of non-profit and for-profit clients, including:

Commemorative Air Force
Arkansas PBS
Aspen Heights
Harvest House Publishers
Malmstrom White Co.

I’ve also shot behind-the-scenes photography and videography for short films and designed complex DVD interfaces for widely distributed multi-DVD video products.

Off-the-clock, I like to make fun VFX vignettes along with workflow/breakdown videos that I post on my various social media. My ultimate goal though is to pursue more storytelling. In pursuit of that, I’m currently working on a Star Wars CGI short to hone my skills and learn new ones. With what I learn with that project, I hope to broaden my horizons into original stories.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hkeithhamiltonvfx