Water and waves surfaces suggestion

Hi everyone,
My name is Atis and I am ActionVFX client for some time now.
First of all I very big fan of ActionVFX assets, always best quality assets.

I would love to make a suggestion to ActionVFX team:
During my time editing videos etc., assets like water surfaces, waves, sea/ocean waves, surfaces, storm waves etc. are mostly hard to find in high quality.
Would love to make suggestion that one day ActionVFX could create and add these kind of assets for purchasing on their platform - ocean/sea surfaces, big waves, storm waves, wide shot surfaces, wide shot storm waves, close waves, the list goes on in sea, ocean perspective - waves reaching out to horizon.

Of course I understand that these kind of assets are impossible etc., but it is worth a shot to make suggestion to team.
Thank you for your time and my apologies for bad English.

Have a nice day,


Welcome to the forum! :wave:
Here you can create a suggestion and up vote others for new ActionVFX products! https://actionvfx.featureupvote.com/

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Welcome @atisfreivalds and great suggestions! The page that Alec shared is the best place to give these suggestions and vote on other product you want to see. We even keep it updated with marking products we are planning on creating in the near future.

Also thank you @Alec for dropping the link to the Upvote page! :ok_hand:t2:


Not a problem!

Thanks Alec. Will definitely create suggestion there

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