What are your favorite VFX collections from ActionVFX

Hey everyone! I wanted to pass along a conversation that our team has been having recently and see what the community thinks. We are set to add a TON of assets to our library in 2022 (I mean, I haven’t actually weighed the assets, but go with me here!) and it started the conversation on what is our favorite collections at this point. So, that being said, I’ll go first:

While I do love some explosions and fire, my new favorite would have to be the Cigarette Smoke collection. It has so many applications outside of a cigarette. You can see what I mean in one of our latest tutorials on How to Create Morbius Smoke Trail below.

So, we want to know: what’s your favorite VFX collection?


Personally, I love the ambiance of our Ground Fog Vol 1 collection. Something about Ground Fog is really unsettling in film and can add so much depth to a scene. As a Thriller/Horror lover, I love seeing it being used!


Large scale gas explosions is one of favorites but the collection that I always come back to is Dust Waves vol.2! That collection is so awesome! You can throw those assets at just about any shot and it will make it better!

The flying birds collection is also really awesome… oh wait, I just like every ActionVFX collection!:joy:


Love the rain and water blasts :smiley:


Love the wooden hits! Also love the birds, they look so real!


Oh, and the Gun SFX collection is absolutely out of this world!


Lol! You may have an addiction, but I’m here for it! Do you have any work that you’ve used the Dust Waves in that you would be willing to share?


Nothing immediately but I am working on content for my YouTube channel which will hopefully be ready soon!