What's your favorite VFX YouTube channel?

I’m always curious to hear what channels are making awesome VFX content these days. What are your favorite channels related to VFX?

I’ve been consuming a lot of Corridor Crew and InCamera lately. I don’t always feel like watching tutorials, so the content these channels post are informative enough for me to learn something, but also entertaining enough for me to just relax and watch.

The InCamera guys remind me a lot of us here at ActionVFX! I love how crafty they are.

What are your favorites?


For compositing videos, no one breaks it down in a professional manner and covers the technical bases like Hugo’s Desk. I also really enjoy watching Procedural Kate for videos on Houdini.


Lately I have been watching VFXforfilmmakers a lot, he does a lot of Nuke compositing tutorials as well as interviews with industry people.

Speaking of Corridor, Clinton Jones/Pwnisher’s personal youtube channel also has been a great follow

Also lately channels like Variety and Wired have been doing a lot of VFX/Filmmaking behind the scene videos. I really enjoyed them, they did really great way of presenting VFX to general audience


I enjoy Jalex Rosa. He makes awesome vfx, the guy is just too good.
I also enjoy corridor crew but most helpful is

Alfie Vaughan


I’ve been seeing those pop up a lot more lately. Definitely a welcomed surprise!

Also, welcome to the Forum @chukwujerry5! I never heard of Jalex Rosa, but his content seems really cool! Alfie’s great!

Film Riot and Video Copilot, of course.

RedGiant’s Cheap Tricks is a no-brainer

ActionVFX is, obviously, on the list.

Captain Disillusion and Filmmaker IQ.

Surfaced Studio, of course.

I’m more a Hitfilm dude, so the FXhome channel, FilmSensei channel and Clever Tagline channel are there.

I’m biased, but my own Hitfilm University channel has some good stuff, and most of it translates cleanly to After Effects

MotionEpicFX has great mograph themed tutorials for Hitfilm and Resolve.

ShanksFX and InCamera for, well, in camera practicals!

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Obviously Corridor Crew, Glad to see some love to ShanksFX. CaptainDissilusion is one of the best by a country mile. FilmRiot and VideoCopilot are again no brainers. I remember SoCrispyMedia having a fair amount too!.


Welcome to the forum, Will!

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Hi all.
Most i like have already been mentioned but i would like to recommend
my current fave Flomotion


Seconding the Cheap Tricks series, of course. Such a deep dive in such a short amount of time and, often, showing how to do things with native effects too. For example, the recent Druun video is mostly about cool tricks with native AE tools. It inspired me to do this tornado:

This is the coolest post on any forum. Its asking for a simple “whats ur fave channel” and were all getting to find new channels that we have not found and might never have found, mostly cause search engines are usually hit or miss. Now we have people like ourselves telling us about their experiences and we can be pretty sure its what were after.

Thanks ActionVFX and all those supporting and adding to this forum!!! I think Ill try this kind of question on other forums Im involved with like the Drone and RC comunity.
Thanks again, Richie


Film Riot
Red Gaint

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Hey there. My names Greg Harrington and Im a compositor who has spent many years working in the vfx industry. I’ve been trying to revamp my nuke tutorials recently. I try my best to get high quality tutorials out there and I’d like to share if thats alright. I have a tough time with sharing them to other vfx artists because I work full time and get rather preoccupied. Maybe this forum is a good place to share to other artists.

Here is my latest tutorial. It includes cg render passes and nuke scripts to download for free! Im just hoping it gets shared a bit around since I worked hard on it and wish to create many more.


Two Minute Papers
… “What a time to be alive”

Compositing Academy from Alexander Hanneman


Usually check out Film Riot, Actionvfx and FXhome

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That’s a good bunch of channels to learn good VFX knowledge from!

Which is best tutorial channel on youtube to learn blender vfx from beginner to advanced… suggest be good channel

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Actually the best youtube channel for learning vfx is Avidosprogramer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCanJ2HX0j8JtN7yd-vJC7IQ


To bad I don’t know spanish! :pensive:

Definitely corridor crew!

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