Which was the most deserving VFX Oscar winner? Feedback wanted!

These are all the Academy Award Winners for Best Visual Effects since 2012!

Which was the most deserving, and why?


I would have to go with Interstellar! So many shots look practical until you remember it’s impossible for them to be!

2006’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is the best Best VFX winner of all time though. Truly impressive VFX work from everyone involved! I believe John Knoll was the VFX Supervisor for it. It’s quite impressive how well that movie holds up 15 years later.


I’d have to vote for Bladerunner 2049. Framestore’s polished effects are beautifully blended into the look created by cinematographer Roger Deakins. As dazzling as the effects are, they never take you out of the film.


I truly think gravity should win. As much as I love some of those other movies, the effects in Gravity are great, as scarce as they are, when they use them they look like the real thing. The VFX supervisor, Tim Webber, blended the wonderfully space scenery with the VFX. These VFX will hold up for many years to come.

Also, you can’t forget the deep storyline that keeps you attached the whole film.


I too would say Interstellar. The 3D camera isnt doing camera moves that a camera operator couldn’t achieve.


I’d probably have to say 1917. It’s VFX are 100% photorealistic and, they’re nothing spectacular. They help the story in a way that I wished all VFX movies did!

I do have an opinion of a VFX Oscar travesty. In the 2006 Oscars, King Kong took the best VFX Oscar which granted, the VFX is good. But seriously?! King Kong’s VFX don’t hold up today (especially the dinosaurs) whereas The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe’s VFX 100% hold up today!


Interstellar is my pick. There were hardly any shots that pulled my attention away from the story, and that was mostly to think about how they were able to pull the shot off. The level of detail put into this film by DNEG is next level. I loved learning about their use of projectors to pull off a lot of the shots without the use of greenscreens, I never would have guessed that. After that, I’d go with 1917. MPC did a phenomenal job putting everything together on this. It would be most deserving in my opinion if it weren’t for the waterfall shot and a few others that pulled me out of the story. These are two of my favorite films and both very deserving of the awards they received, I always root for the film with the most invisible effects to win each year.

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What you said about the Chronicles of Narnia is 100% true! Thank you for pointing that out!