YouTube Content: We Want Your Opinions!

Hey everyone! We are looking into new and exciting things for our YouTube channel and the content we’re creating for you.

That being said, the first thing we want to make sure of is that we’re meeting your needs. Is there something that you love from us? Is there something you would like to see from us? And, even though this brings on some tough love, what do you want to see less of?

Let us know by voting on the poll below. Also, leave any comments below on ideas you would like to see!

  • AE/Nuke Basics (short tutorials)
  • Compositing best practices (shortcuts, plugin features)
  • Element VFX (rain, fire, energy, etc.)
  • Topical Tutorials (how to create VFX from movies, TV)

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How about real stuff for Nuke? Complex cleanups and tracking, huge set extensions, practical python, something that really matters in VFX. I understand that it is fun to add some particles to video or to create a desolated something, but that is quite a primitive thing to do.
For example, how to create this

with only this footage of bonefire and your collection of smokes and fogs


Welcome to the forum @elf.alex! Very insightful first post!

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Hello to you @Rodolphe ! Thanks!