Artificial Intelligence and Machine impact on VFX Artists

As we all know whether humans like it or now Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language to stay and as they promise that it gonna take over most jobs, as the increasing research in the VFX industry is about making the VFX pipelines more efficient and faster.
The question now lies in which section of VFX is automation going to affect most as we know Rotoscoping is not easy, but just this year The Foundry Nuke v13 comes to a node that can handle Rotoscoping much better than a human and we have seen many software are also trying to eliminate the tedious workload of Rotoscoping, so I just it time Rotoscoping Artist start making their transition to a new role which at least is sure to get automated in the future.
Or is there any other way to this inevitable future?

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Thanks for sharing! I have got to admit that rotoscoping is so time consuming that I really am looking forward to a machine that could do it for me! I agree however that it seems whenever new technology comes it as if someone has to lose a job because of it.:confused:

I hope to see a lot of these new AI and ML tools as something that will help the artist so that there is more time to create because less time was spent on certain tasks. I do understand the concern for those who will be affected by the tools but I hope to see the tools adopted in a way that helps everyone. Maybe these tools can provide roto artists with a way to work faster and get the same or even better results. Most people might think of rotoscoping as just a mundane task that doesn’t need an artist but there is certainly an art to good keying and rotoscoping. So I hope these tools will be a huge help to those artists so that they can focus on the art side of rotoscoping and keying more than ever before.