An ActionVFX Podcast is Coming!

Hey everyone, we haven’t officially announced this to the public yet, but I thought it would be cool to give the forum users an exclusive first look at our upcoming podcast.

Currently aiming for a July release, our brand new show entitled “Ask An Artist” will include some of the industry’s top professionals to chat about a variety of subjects pertaining to visual effects.

I will be interviewing guests like Allan McKay, Ryan Connolly, Christopher Clements, Hugo Guerra, and a wide number of others for our first season.

> Here’s a behind the scenes shot of an episode we recorded yesterday

Depending on the response we get, we will hopefully be able to renew for a second season and make it even bigger!

I’ve already had the chance to record the majority of the episodes so I’m really excited to get this out and for you all to be able to hear more.

**I do have two questions I’d love for you to answer:

  1. What guests would you like to see on future episodes of the podcast?
  2. Are there any specific questions we should deep-dive into with a specific guest?

I think a podcast with vfx professionals is a great idea. I love hearing stories of how other vfx artists are doing across the globe. For me as someone who has worked around a little bit, I’d like to hear stories of projects that professionals have had trouble with and how they found solutions for them. ( following NDA’s of course )

A lot of artists have different types of experiences working in the vfx industry. Some have full cg experience, others cg integration with live footage and others have full on live footage compositing like clean plating and match moving difficult shots.

Maybe there are stories of something like a difficult cg visual effect to pull off for a film or maybe something like fixing up practical effects to integrate on live footage. Maybe they have stories on a short film project they supervised they can share?

For guests, I love to hear from the guests you listed. I’d also would love to hear from some other types of professionals in the industry who help make a film run. Maybe some on-set discussion for practical effects with challenges they had to face?


That’s some great insight! I will for sure keep that in mind when interviewing.

Do let me know if any specific guest names are jumping to mind that may be good to have on for future episodes as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I’d like to get on this. I had to crank out 92 shots in 2 weeks. ActionVFX kind of saved me.


I can’t think of any specific guests I would like you to interview, but I’m very excited about you making a podcast!

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Wow Jason! That is a lot of shots! Welcome to the community by the way!

Wow! That’s insane.

As of right now, we’re aiming to have episodes start dropping in July. So be on the lookout! :slightly_smiling_face:

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