Anybody know the Passphrase for the Giveaway Freeform site?

First of all, big thanks to Action VFX for all the free assets, and thanks in advance for whatever is behind this puzzle.

Now, if you’ve scanned the QR Code formed by the pictures they gave us, then surely you’ve gotten to the Sale Game redemption page. (VFX-mas Sale Game Redemption Page)

And if you’ve gotten that far then you know they want a passcode in order to proceed. I tried some simple ones, like “VFX-mas-2023” and “20Plqj24”, but when those weren’t working, I decided to look deeper into the odd letter sequences in the images’ file names. I’ve gotten as far as concatenating all the random strings in the order they were released, leaving all capitals and numbers as found:


When I performed a 3-upshift Caesar cipher, I got:


If you change that u to an ‘X’, you get:


and if you rearrange things and modify caps, you get:

The ActionVFX MarketPlace is Coming 3 2024

which sounds like the intended message. But I’ve tried all of these combinations and more, and nothing has worked yet. Any help?