CAMERA DETAILS for all your footage


I have been using your products since a long long time, in tutorials as well as professional work!
I worked as a VFX Supervisor an shows like the walking dead, greys anatomy, lucifer and many more…
I love the products, resolution, codecs and so on, but there is a big thing missing!
Camera details.
Example: I have a ground crack that I want to use and the client loves it, so we go into planning and shooting. But the element just says top, wide or something like that, so on set I have to guess camera tilt, because if that does not match 100% it will always look odd… I am asuming that you have rendered most of the assets with a digital camera, so that would be an information that would be there anyways. That would be a huuuugggge improvement to all the assets! Finding the right perspective for a shot is No.1 prioity!!

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Thanks for the request, @florian.fueger! While this would be tough to do for our real assets, this could potentially be something we are able to do for CG assets like the Ground Cracks. I’ll keep this in mind for future collections where this would be most helpful.