Suggestions for blender blogs

I have applied for the blog writing position and if I get the job I was wondering of anyone wanted help with blender for CG? I could add it to the list of my blog ideas which currently isn’t very big:

A blender tutorial
And how to use blender for VFX.

I hope someone will have an idea; otherwise I won’t have many blogs!

U am new to the plug in but I am slowly finding some cool once. fSpy for example.

Doing reviews on the latest blender plug ins could be cool.

Great idea, thanks! So maybe a list of the best plugins?

Yeah! Maybe pointing in the right direction of how to use them and what they are for ect.

Being a bit of a newbie that would definitely help me!

Understanding what the paid once do and if they are worth getting would be really helpful to.


By “paid once” did you mean “paid ones”?

I do yes… Sorry

Now, I mightn’t actually have the job. They didn’t get back to me yet. Thanks anyway!

Update: I emailed Cody and he said that they did receive my application, there’s just been some delays.

Well this was enlightening.
I wasn’t aware there were plug-ins for Blender. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s plenty!

@creasyo @scott
Bad news.
I think you know.
The answer was no.

Ah sorry mate!

@Cody said that they keep resumes on record so maybe in the future!

I would like tutorials for transitioning from Modo to Blender. Maybe it could be a series. Covering texturing, rendering, etc.

I’ll see what I can do.