Hello from the UK

Hello all,
I teach Visual Effects at Middlesex University and we’re loving the ActionVFX assets we’ve purchased so far. Looking to share what we’re doing as well as pick up new project ideas for our students.


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Hey Sergio! We’re happy to have you.

It’s great to hear you and the university are enjoying the elements! We would love to see some of the work that has been produced!

What elements do your students like the most?

Thanks Cody,
We only bought the Small Ground Fires and Structure fires packs for now, but hoping to get more in the next budget cycle. We’re simulating smoke and sparks or pulling from your free downloads.
So we’re looking for a variety of ways to get the most out of these assets in quick projects that the students can experiment with.
I’ll post about projects soon!

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@s.gonzalez Sergio, take a look in this thread. There are some ideas there for how to “stretch” your ActionVFX budget by looking for elements that can be repurposed as other elements. As a quick example, smoke elements can be re-timed and recolored into things like dust puffs and blood mist.

Even things like fire elements can be recolored and treated with varied warp effects into shockwaves or “spell hits”

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Some great ideas in that thread, thanks.
I think we’ll be buying individual clips instead of full packs in the next round to spice it up a bit with a big variety.

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Another good idea! :grin: