New Movies Coming Out in Theaters And on Tv Platform

Hello! I have been wanting a conversation to pop up here for a while and have finally decided to create one!
So first off, I’d like to talk what y’all think of movies coming out in theaters and on tv platforms!
Also, I was wondering what you think about all movies using the same concepts and the same tricks!
And finally anything else y’all want to talk about!

I guess it’s good that there are movies coming out… it’s all in mass right … now-a-days it’s more about quantity over quality… and for me it’s been awhile since I saw a good old fashion movie with great storyline and characters… Because quantity is what there is so there is no creativity, no uniqueness anymore… but I have to admit that there’s sometimes 1 or 2 that sort of creatively good but the company Sucked the life out of that/those movie (s)(with sequel (s) and pre prequel (s) and so on… it’s unbelievable

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Yeah, its been seeming like they are cutting time in pre production and in post production. It’s really unfortunate, I’ve been reminiscing of when the films in the theater were decent :pensive: