Subscription Question


I jumped onto the subscription to nab 5 downloads, but have some questions.

1 - After my 30 day subscription is up, do I lose the download credits if I haven’t used them all yet? Will I be unable to use them after the 30 days is up?
2 - If I cancel my plan now (because there’s no other way to turn off auto-renewal), will my subscription still be active until the date that it’s supposed to end, or will it delete my subscription all together?

Hey @vincent_haws!

  1. You won’t lose your unused credits after 30 days. As long as you stay subscribed they’ll stay on your account.

  2. If you cancel your plan now, it’ll still be active until the end of your 30 day period. It’ll let you know the exact date.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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So the credits are a “use it or lose it” kinda thing if I don’t subscribe for another month?

If you’re only planning on being subscribed for 1 month, then yes, I’d recommend you use your 5 credits before that month is over.

Which shouldn’t be hard, right? I’d assume it should be easy to find 5 elements you want to download out of everything we offer :grinning:


oh it’ll totally be easy to find elements haha. i just didn’t know if I would’ve had more time to decide as more projects came up or if I needed to try and think of what I would need more in the future.


The problem here would be more like “Which 5?” LOL

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