Upcoming Crowd Shoot

Hey everybody! We have an upcoming shoot that includes shooting more collections for our People and Crowds category. We want to hear from you guys on what you would like to see!

The current two collections we already have planned include:

  • Background Extras - think people casually walking down the street, standing, people on their phones, people talking to each other, etc.

  • Sports Crowds Vol. 2 - an expansion of our Vol. 1

We have three more ideas for collections, but want to hear from you guys on what would be the most beneficial to you guys as artists. These ideas include:

  • Protestors/Riots - think people rioting, holding signs, etc.

  • Military - think people dressed out in military gear, holding weapons, reacting to explosions, etc.

  • Reacting Extras - think people who are casually walking, jogging, talking, etc., but then reacting to events such as explosions, gunshots, superhero landings, etc.

If you like any of these ideas and think they would benefit you, let us know! Or if you have your own ideas, we would love to hear them!


Love the sound of these! I would love to see Military personnel shooting and reacting to explosions and Reacting Extras running away from and reacting to events around them! :t_rex:


Historical armies (or generic fantasy) would be pretty awesome. Though maybe that’s a little too niche?


@daveamac66 said it perfectly!



bodies falling through space… (not zombies… but maybe also zombies)


Those are great ideas. I would like to see some of people sitting down, looking at / talking on their iPhones, reading a book. Standing while reading a magazine. Or waiting for a bus/taxi, etc.

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You could also have the crowd members reacting as though they’re listening to someone talking/giving a speech. eg. someone’s giving a speech to a seated crowd and they’re listening and sometimes giving different reactions/emotions.