Where is your go to place for VFX tutorials?

While YouTube is the clear choice for loads of free knowledge in visual effects and filmmaking, what other sites do you all use to find tutorials? Some sites I have found great content on are:

  1. Hugo’s Desk : Hugo uploads a ton of great videos to his YouTube channel, but if you want to take it a step further he also maintains a patreon page and also offers an entire course on Nuke. I have taken many of these classes and cannot reccomend them enough if you are wanting to dive deeper into Nuke.

  2. Pluralsight : Pluralsight is another great site for premium tutorials on an extensive list of different softwares. I have taken courses in the adobe suite, Nuke, Houdini, and Cinema on there, but they also cover many different areas like web design, coding, business development software, and many others. If you’re looking to hone in your skills in other areas outside of VFX this site is a great resource. It is a subscription, but they do offer a free trial.

  3. Rebelway : Rebelway is a great resource for learning blockbuster level effects from industry professionals. There are a wide range of classes from shorter lessons to multi week long master classes taught by an instructor. Some of these classes can be pricey, although worth the money for the knowledge provided in the class, but they also offer a library of free vfx courses that are phenomenal. I haven’t taken many classes here, but I definitely intend to in the future.

What other sites do you all use to hone your skills? Also be sure to check out the ActionVFX YouTube channel where we consistently upload tutorials in various VFX softwares!

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I enjoy BorisFX training video’s. I work on TV shows so I use Boris/Sapphire/Mocha plug-in’s in Media Composer. Nothing better than getting trained by the people who create and use the plug-ins. Kinda like the ActionVFX tutorials! :wink:

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Youtube , But sometime it’s hard to find good one’s :slight_smile: and a lot off practice

Tnx for the Tip

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@dhallihan Shoutout to Mary Poplin

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VideoCopilot was an incredible resource and still is. Even the old stuff is still valid in theory and most in practice.

FilmRiot is an ongoing resource with a history of giving great information on VFX, editing, sound, equipment, etc.

GnomonWorkshop when you want straight but full info and training on software.

There are more but these are the hits at my shop.


Everyone has pretty much already mentioned my go-to sites, so…

And it’s been long enough since I’ve been on Lynda that it’s just now I discovered it became “Linkedin Learning.”

Creativecow.net has a lot of resources.

Obviously the forums run by anyone’s software companies will be helpful.

It also depends on the software company’s push. These days, Boris/Imagineer have been popping out great new series, while FXhome’s tutorials have gotten less in-depth this year (but I’m given to understand FXhome has some massive growth and changes this year and they’ve had less time to devote to tutorials. Darn that use base for blowing up!). But I suspect that Boris series has been in the works for a long time.

I’ve taken several of video copilots old tutorials and combined or updated them. Using element 3D instead of CC Sphere for planets. Combining city destruction with the jet strike action essentials 2 and flight kit. I’m just a beginner, but I think I’m advancing just great. I come from a IT graphic web design background. With a splash of backend software development. So the transition felt seem less after a week of studying.


I learned pretty much all the basics of VFX and how to use After Effects as well as working in 3D from Andrew! And I’d totally agree with even how his old stuff really hold up even today!

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I really like film riot for vfx and video copilot is good too!

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I learned random lyrics from youtube .guys I use blender and I really want to learn complete tutorial from modeling cg character add texture all about texture maps rigging animating lighting and rendering … in all I want to know how to create realistic stuff like youtube Dynamo dream…