Animation Duration

Hello All. I am working on special effects shots for a student film that includes ActionVFX’s Angled_Portal_5_2683_4K. My problem is, that this portal effect only remains open for 6 seconds. I need it open for 2 minutes. Is there a way of extending the duration without slowing down the animation?

Create a composition a bit over 2 minutes (however long you want it to show), split the clip so that there’s 3 sections (the opening of the portal, the section with it open, the closing of it).

For the section with it fully open you could copy and paste copies of the middle section of it to make it the right duration. You can make some copies (layers) fade in while others fade out (overlapping each of those copies of the clip). To save making too many layers you could have a comp (precomp) of a certain amount of them (eg. 5 or 10) and copy that comp a few times in the just over 2 minute comp to make up the right duration. Fade in the end section of the clip at the end (overlapping clips).

If you’re also using the matte clips you’d probably need to do about the same thing to the mattes as you do to the other clips, keeping the mattes with their normal clips.

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