Practice Footage Enhancement

Hi guys,

Loving the practice footage, good call on your part. I would like to make a suggestion to make it even better. I will assume that you guys are familiar with I think it would be great if you could add or combine the footage as they do. Where you have 6 to 8 shots that are similar to each other for those who want to practice not only visual effects but short film making, if that makes sense.

Hey @jmartin1223!

I’m so glad you are enjoying the Practice Footage Library and thanks so much for the feedback.

While our main focus is of course VFX, we did make sure to include several full scenes that would allow someone to practice editing as well. Here are a few (not all) of those scenes we filmed with this in mind.

Post-Apocalyptic Drone Attack
Couple Running in Forest
Aerials of SUV Driving
Fatal Stabbing in House
Guards Fight Soldier in Warehouse

I hope these scenes will help you be able to practice filmmaking as well as VFX and we will certainly keep your request in mind for the future and try and add even more scenes with editing in mind.

Hi Zac,

I didn’t even realize you had something like this already. This is awesome and thanks again!

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