How does the subscription work?

How does the subscription work? Can I download as many files as I want or is there a limit of downloads per month

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Hey @ulanbovary, welcome to the community! Depending on the tier that you purchase, the subscription comes with a monthly amount of credits which allow you to download VFX assets. 5 monthly downloads for the starter plan, 15 for the basic plan and 30 for the pro plan.
You can also purchase additional credits at anytime. The price per additional credit varies depending on what plan you are using. The price per additional credit is $3.99 if you are using the Starter or Basic plan, and $6.99 per additional credit if you are using the Pro plan.

Now something that makes the subscription even better is that ActionVFX just introduced free VFX assets for subscribers, a ton of collections (with more than 1000 assets) that you can download for free without using any credits just for being a Basic or Pro subscriber! You can learn more about that here:
I hope this helps!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


What @JtJutsVFX said!
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Thanks for the reply. So let me see if i got it right.So for the basic plan i get 5 downloads per month. Lets say 1.severed necks &Limbs
2.blood pools
3 large scale smoke plums
4.large scale gas exploions
5.blood hits
then the next month another 5 downloads? Just clearing this up

You can download 5 individual assets per month with the starter plan, not 5 full collections.

For example, the Severed Necks and Limbs collection has 35 different assets in it, so, you could download 5 of them each month with the Starter plan.

i did the math …the ebst option is the monthly subscription

Glad you came to a conclusion! Of course, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

paypal soon? please? when yes, you’ve got my subscription

Hey @markjhlousek, welcome to the ActionVFX forum! We’re glad that your here!
PayPal is a feature that was being planned but I am unsure if it is still on the radar.

@Rodolphe, is this something that you could clarify?

Hey @markjhlousek! Welcome to the forum!

That feature is still very much planned! We have a few things to tackle first between now and November, but after that it should be at the top of our list.

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