How to download multiple asset with a Download Manager?


I’m trying to download multiple collection at the same time and what freaking pain in the ass this is…

I can’t download one collection with one click…

Since the file are enormous and my internet is relatively slow, I have to use a download manager in case of internet interruption. I tried with favorite Jdownloader and I have to click on the download button and select the file format I want (4k Prores) on EACH file (That took me HOURS to click on most of them).

Since Some link were not being detected, I installed IDM and clicked on every download file. I let it download during night and woke up this morning with a ton of “Error” and I CAN’T RESUME any of the downloads.

because it “changed address”?

How am I supposed to download those collections?

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a painful download experience.

We’ve also heard from other users that off-the-shelf download managers can be very unreliable. Additionally, I agree that downloading many files through the browser is also painful and unreliable. For your issue, please reach out to the support team, we will give you a way to download all the files in one ZIP per collection.

Site-wide, we are also working on a solution and will provide updates over the coming weeks.