Sci-Fi Space Scene Exercise: The "Freerunner Absolom" Approaching Obsidia Empira

The “Freerunner Absolom” approaches Obsidia Empira, homeworld of the Iron Regime.

Ruled by the enigmatic Mar-duk Xandoriam Breeg IV, Obsidia Empira was once a highly volcanic world tamed by the arcane technologies of the ancient Golam Vast, a race that either abandoned this region of space or were exterminated. No one knows for sure. They were gone hundereds of millenia before the first human set foot on the world. The Iron Regime uses this technology to power their vast industry and expand their domain throughout this region of the Galaxy.

This scene was created to be a “beauty shot” of a kitbash 3D model I built with VideoCopilot Element 3d and Motion Design pack. It was also an exercise in building a sci-fi space scene and setting a mood with music and sound design. Most everything in this shot was textured entirely within Adobe AfterEffects with a little help from the Pro Shaders 2 pack. The background and planet were built with VideoCopilot Orb.

The nebula came from an asset pack called Interstellarium by Andy Dominique Rak.

The city lights were part of “Coruscant - Star Wars Planet Texture,” downloaded from CGTrader and created by ShinyMan.

Music: “The Battle of 1066” by Patrick Patrikios

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Thanks for sharing! Dude, that planet looked absolutely gorgeous! I really like this shot!

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