Happy Star Wars Day! Here's a character animation exercise I did last year starring BB-8 (with breakdown/workflow)

Don’t burn the house down BB-8!

I made this video last year to test out my custom rig of VideoCopilot’s BB-8 model from their Star Wars Pack, as well as to practice character animation. It was also practice for a future project: a Star Wars CG short starring BB-8.

Adobe After Effects
VideoCopilot Element 3D
Red Giant Trapcode Particular

Music: Soul by Text Me Records/Grandbankss


That’s awesome!


That’s pretty sweet! And good luck with your channel! What’s your vision for your rebranding?


I like it, very good stuff. :slight_smile:


Very cool! :smiley:


This is a video I posted last year so the re-branding has already happened. I originally called my channel “Wrath of Kham” as a play on my name and Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. When the pandemic happened and I was idle for a time, I started pursuing more personal projects to hone my VFX skills. (Professionally, I’ve been a post-production generalist since the early 2000s.) Eventually, I decided to give the channel a more professional makeover and use my real name instead of a joke name.

As for vision, that’s still evolving, but I’m focusing more effort on creating narrative content rather than mere VFX tests. My “Absolom” micro-short was the first of this content. I’m working on a CG Star Wars short next that I’m using to learn character animation. I plan to post my progress on my channel and other social media. I also plan to post a few workflow/breakdown videos like this one to see if anyone is interested in more. My next workflow/breakdown video will probably be how I created my hyperspace VFX. Hope to release that sometime in June.

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