Shooting elements with the Ursa Mini Pro 12K

I’ve been thinking about getting this (or whatever they come up with this year) for shooting physical models.

What are your options on this camera?

What do you mean by “shooting physical models”?

What they used to do at ILM, and all the effects companies back in the day. And at the BBC Visual Effects Department.

And now what ILM have been doing for The Mandalorian.

I’d also do models of building elements, environments, as well as ships.

All shot at either 12k or 8k at high frame rates.

Also depends on if Blackmagic announce another camera this year.

Do you mean photogrammetry?

No. I mean shooting with physical models. Tangible objects. On a motion control rig.

I don’t understand, I’m not really a filmmaker. What do you mean by physical models?

Things like this. As I said shot with the Ursa 12k , would be amazing.


Just want to know what people think of the camera, as it seems to have been designed for VFX work.

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Ah, I think I get it now. I’d say go for an 8K version since 4K already looks great, so maybe save some money and get an 8K one. I also looked at the specs and it’s good.

Depends what they release… I’d probably shoot in 12k and reduce afterwards.

Ok sounds good