Favorite VFX of 2021?

What are some of your favorite VFX from movies/TV show of last year?

Here are mine:

-Every time those dragonfly spaceships appear in Dune I am glued to the screen! I love me a good spaceship

-The Celestials in Eternals. Not only the designs are great, the way they were able to portray how massive these things are is breathtaking!

-all the great mirror clean up works in Last Night in Soho. I’m a huge sucker for invisivle VFX!

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I would definitely have to agree with Dune! Just about all the VFX in that film was incredible.

I also vividly remember a lot of the VFX in The Suicide Squad. Especially the massive starfish & the slow motion from Bloodsports pistol near the end of the film (No spoilers!).

Spiderman had some really great sequences throughout. The bridge scene was insane!

The VFX in Eternals were insane! I loved the scale of the Celestials as well. I don’t really follow Marvel that close but I have been loving their recent releases. And it is safe to say Eternals did not disappoint!
The new Spider-Man: No Way Home was also amazing! The effects were just mind blowing as well as the story!