New After Effects Tutorial | Create Your Own Sci-Fi Planet!

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a realistic planet in After Effects.

We will dive in on how to composite a space scene very easily using some starry background and even build your own sci-fi planet! All of these will be achieved using our new ActionVFX collections from our space categories.

Collections Used:
Sci-fi Planets
Stars & Nebulas
Icon: Anamorphic Lens Flares
Atmospheric Smoke and Fog Vol. 3

Thank you for watching!


The tutorial is good and the collections I have related to that are (I have the solar system/star/nebular ones, though I don’t have the sci-fi planets one and some of the others), but is there any reason why the site limits the resolution of the images to 2K and 4K like the videos sets? eg. why not go above 4K for image sets?

I can see why the video collections are limited to 4K since too much higher would be a lot bigger file sizes (though I think you offer 5K raw with some ones), and not many people would need eg. 8K, but higher image sizes would be less of a problem (normally it’s just 1 image file per image except for the Open EXR ones). eg. the maximum image size of the stars one is 4K, but if you needed a 4K video where the stars move (eg. pan) that’s going to make things harder. Some of the 4K nebula images take up the full screen, so if you wanted to reposition those in a 4K comp you couldn’t very easily (eg. without masking some of it or scaling it up and losing resolution). So surely for image collections couldn’t there be maybe 6K or 8K image size options? It would also help if you needed to increase the scale of a planet etc., like zoom into/out from Earth etc. After Effects supports up to 32K.

Also for things like Earth or other planets couldn’t there be rotating videos of them too (not just the static images of Earth/other planets)? Some where you see the whole globe and others where you see part of it (eg. some where it’s closer so you don’t see all of the globe). Also for planet shots I think some moving clouds (as videos) over the planet (where the sphere is but over an alpha channel) could help too to make it look less like still shot.