Pricing on new site (upgrading 2K to 4K)

On the new redesigned forum if I go to a 2K clip that I’ve already bought it gives an option to upgrade to the 4K version for $40 but the other clips that I don’t own the 4K version of in that section are also $40.

It’s not giving anything off the purchase price for upgrading to the 4K version from the 2K version, whereas the old site did (as if you bought the 4K clips directly you’d have the 2K versions included too).

Can we get the discount back again so if you already own the 2K clip you can upgrade to 4K with a lower price than if you bought the 4K clip of one that you didn’t own the 2K version of?

Also can it highlight the clip you own clearly in the clip list (before clicking on a particular clip) and show you what version you own (2K or 4K)? I’m sure it did in the previous site.

One cool bonus, if you haven’t bought a clip at all yet, you can choose to use 1C for 2k or 2C for 4K. Unfortunately, it won’t let you upgrade a clip for 1C if you already own it. I’m guessing that since us credit peeps are a vanishing breed, it’ll be that way 'til we expire.

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Fun fact: Your post has 24 views already. Unless Luke is obsessively checking it :smiley: we’re not the only one’s still lurking here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t used the subscription options yet though. I just have bought 2K clips and 2K full collections but the 4K upgrade of a clip is exactly the same price as buying the 4K clip without having bought the 2K version (unlike the previous version of the site).

Tracking now. Yeah, if it’s a cash transaction, definitely makes sense to get a discount for prior purchase.

More like Steam…less like iTunes…

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Yes, these are all known bugs that will hopefully be addressed soon! No arguments from me, I agree with you, and we’re working on it! Thanks!

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