Pulling a person with spiritual force

Please, can someone run me through how to shoot a VFX scene where there is someone using a spiritual force to pull another person towards himself and how to make it look real in post production?

Couldn’t you shoot it normally with them acting it out? Though maybe some real in camera lighting might help when the magic stuff happened. For making it more real - if you show us a reference clip people could probably help more, but you could maybe:

  1. Add stock effect elements that look add the sort of effect you want

  2. Maybe you could use particles and you track the hand of the person pulling and set the emitter for the hand position. Maybe the particles could be set to follow a path that would be the line between the person puling’s hands and the other person - maybe more than one layer of that if needed.

  3. Maybe (eg. as well as one of the above) you could also add a distortion effect around where the magic is being done…