Need help with 3D compositing

Hi, I have Adobe after effects and blender and really want to be able to add planes and tanks into my videos, I can’t find any tutorials on this topic, especially for the animating of them and then compositing into the shot. Is this a Big budget secret or is it doable at home? Any tutorial links will be appreciated

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To import an 3D model you need to have Element3D ( OBJ File’s )
you can put Pré Renderd Models into the scene , without problem . for tutorials just after after effects and element3D . in blender you can make models no problem .

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I’m more wanting to go on the pre rendered, but I want to know how to animate the planes in the first place

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Hey Sam! Creating these kind of visual effects can be quite complicated! Here is a tutorial for basic animation in Blender: Keyframes - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals - YouTube
Could you go more in depth about what you are trying to create?

I want to be able to create fighter jet flyovers and tanks driving around and bursting through things. (I have some experience with blenders cell fracture) however I mainly am struggling with the how do I get a blender shot into after effects. I am guessing I need to just render it with the a transparent background (Alpha channel) but I also struggle with firstly, where do I get a rigged tank or jet, and secondly how do I animate it properly.

This is the way to go unless you have Video Copilot’s elements 3D.

Hmm, not sure. Does anyone else have a good suggestion on this?

Rigged is a bit of a loaded concept, as it really depends on the shot and the detail required. A static tank on a distant hill might only need a turret rotation, where a tank chase at high speed over rough terrain would need much more.

A few places I have found free 3d models are Turbosquid, free3d, and cgtrader. Quality and rigging/format vary, but you can specify Blender as a format as well, so it can be pretty specific?

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Also, are you using Mocha or other plugin for the 3d comp work? Last time I used AE, it was not very friendly out the box for 3d? Come to think of it, neither was Adobe, but that’s a different topic.

It just flattened 3d into 2d layers, so you had to try and guess how it was going together. Mocha, for example, allows you to comp in truer 3d. However, my teenagers tell me I’m old, so if that’s old news, consider the source :smiley: